Grilled Chicken with Oranges and Avocado

by Curt Donohue on April 25, 2009

Grilled Chicken with Orange and AvacadoI love the concept of  You get onto the website and with only a couple of clicks, you have a suggestion for tonights healthy dinner  and a shopping list to go with it.  It just so happens that this was the recipe that was available two nights ago.  Looks and tastes delicious, well at least this version does…

You see, there was a slight error in the recipe and I made a slight mistake.  Despite the error, the chicken still tasted delicious, no harm done.  Except, I get so frustrated at the carelessness that goes into the writing of some of these online recipes.

To see what I mean, click on the following link and take a look at this recipe:

Now take a look at the printer version:

Do you notice a difference? The website version has 4 ingredients for the garnish, the printer version only has two ingredients, the two recipes don’t even have the ingredients in the same order.  I was working off of the printer version and put the lime juice in the marinade for the chicken instead of mixing it with the garnish.  In fact, you’ll notice that my picture, while beautiful, does not look like the dish that the recipe describes.  Also, did you notice that there isn’t a picture provided with the foodfit recipe for reference?  An all too common occurance with on-line recipes.

I would also like to know how to tell a sweet orange from a sour one.  Maybe it’s just not the time of year for oranges (and therefore this recipe), but my orange made me downright puckery! In a way I’m glad that I didn’t mix it with the lime juice ( my cheeks are pulling in even as I write this!) Curt happened to love the sour orange with his chicken, and had no complaints whatsoever about the meal.  I know that there is a good recipe here somewhere!!  I hope that by reading this you will have better luck making it than I did.

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