Grade B Maple Syrup on Pancakes? We Say Yes!!!

by Curt Donohue on April 3, 2009

Grade B Maple Syrup

Why do we love Grade B Maple Syrup on our Pancakes?

Simple – we think it tastes better!  Most of what you read will tell you that the more pronounced taste of Maple syrup renders it useless for anything except cooking and processing food.  Well, we whole-heartedly disagree!   When I first put Grade B maple syrup on the table (I like to experiment), Curt looked at me like I had just ruined breakfast.  However, we found that it actually tastes more mapley and the flavor has more depth and complexity than the grade A flavors.   A few years after we started using Grade B Maple syrup, We read an article in Cooks Illustrated on a taste test that confirmed what our taste buds have been telling us all along.  This is a short summary of what they wrote: 

 “We tasted nine samples of pure maple syrup to determine the smartest way to buy it: by grade or by source. While we did not find that the syrup made in one region or state was superior to that made in another, tasters did prefer the assertive maple flavor of Grade B syrup. Grade A Dark amber was a close second, with a “nutty, rich flavor.” The medium and light ambers were found lacking in maple flavor.”

Maple syrup also has the health benefits of manganese which helps boost good HDL cholesterol and supports healing, and Zinc which helps the immune system and is beneficial to men’s reproductive health.   You won’t find any of these benefits in the fake stuff.

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