Decadent Low Fat Grilled Chicken Enchiladas

by Curt Donohue on April 6, 2009

Being from Colorado, I love Mexican food!  And, enchiladas are the quintessential comfort food.  I don’t know of many Coloradans that don’t make enchiladas at home.  However, it is hard to find an enchilada that’s not loaded with fat.  So when I saw this low fat version on Healthy Decadence with Devin Alexander, I had to try it! I was slightly skeptical that her technique for softening the tortillas would work.  However, as we started putting the ingredients together, we began to get excited, these enchiladas look and taste exceptional!  Keep in mind that these aren’t enchiladas for a crowd, and these aren’t enchiladas for pigging out – the batch makes about 8-10 fully stuffed enchiladas.

What are the keys to making low fat enchiladas?   Mainly it is in how you soften the tortillas.  Most people fry the tortillas in oil or butter, loading up each enchilada with ton’s of fat.  Devin uses the microwave (no you didn’t misread that!).  She sandwiches the tortillas in moist paper towels and puts them in the microwave for 30 seconds, and voila!  Soft pliable tortillas.

Secondly, you need to back down on the cheese (no, you didn’t misread that either!).  I never thought I’d believe it myself; apparently, you do not need 2 lbs of cheese to make a good batch of enchiladas!

So how does Devin replace the wonderful flavor that you get with frying your tortillas and loading them up with cheese?  Simple, she replaces them with other, equally good flavors!   How many enchiladas have you had that are soggy, cheesy and saucy, but don’t have much substance to them?   There is hardly anything inside.   That is where Devin shines for us.  She fills each enchilada with mounds of chicken, olives, cilantro, chili’s and a small amount of low fat cheese.  Then she tops them with a combination of red and green chili enchilada sauce.  They are filled with so much flavor that you don’t even miss the fat or the pounds of cheese.   Step out of the box and try these, you won’t be disappointed!

Devin Alexander’s Grilled Chicken Enchiladas Recipe:

What’s your favorite enchilada recipe?  Please share it with us.

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