Baldridge and Cerise Parks in Montrose, Colorado

by Curt Donohue on April 8, 2009

Pond, ducks, trees and mountainsWe are in Montrose, CO taking a walk in Montrose’s favorite park system Baldridge/Cerise Parks, or as local Montrovians like to call it “Riverbottom Park”. With the recent addition of new walking paths, open fields and a track, this is truly one of the nicest parks we’ve seen for a town this size. At over 100 acres, there is literally something for everyone here. Tennis, baseball, soccer, track, walking/bike paths, incredible skateboarding, frisbee golf, volleyball and fishing. In addition there is the Uncompahgre River, several ponds and lots of trees and natural space to explore and picnic tables and benches for sitting all along the trail or next to the pond.

frisbee golf

Gone Fishing

Moon through the trees

Yesterday we spent 90 minutes walking and taking photographs of this park, and we never went over the same area twice. We chose to walk to the top of the “hogback” – a hill in the park that looks over the town of Montrose. Then we found a dirt trail that took us over to the new soccer fields on the other end of the park. Finally we rested on a park bench and meandered back along one of the parks trails. Montrovians value getting outdoors and spending time with their families, friends and community. This deeply held value is reflected in the time and efforts that have been put into creating this amazing park system. As we walked though the park, we ran across dog owners, frisbee golfers, football throwers, soccer families and lots of explorers, all enjoying a beautiful spring day. Take the time to explore this beautiful park, you won’t be disappointed!

Pond at dusk with ducks

To learn more about Baldridge, Cerise and other parks in Montrose click on the following link:

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